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 Maui's Rehabilitation and Therapy Professionals


-  At Therapeutic Associates of Maui, we are committed to providing you with quality expert rehabilitation services in a supportive and safe environment.
-  Our primary goal is emphasis on self-management and functional outcome.

 Fully Licensed And Certified Therapists


 Fully Licensed And Certified Therapists -  We strive to provide healing, restoration, and quick return of individuals to their highest functional level in everyday living and in the work force.
-  Together with the patient's input we can customize a program tailored to each individual's special needs.
-  We have the facility, staff, resources, programs, and experience to successfully evaluate, treat, and follow through with physician/doctor prescriptions.


Our Services And Programs Include:

Physical Therapy   ·   Sports Medicine   ·   Spine Clinic   ·   Personal Training   
Occupational Therapy   ·   Industrial Rehabilitation   ·   Simulated Work Environments   
Hand & Wrist Therapy   ·   Headache Pain Management   ·   Injury Prevention   ·   and more >>




 Physical Therapy Services  Physical Therapist
 Physical Therapy Services

 Physical Therapy Services

- Certified McKenzie Practitioner [info]
- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
- Sports Medicine · Athletic Injuries
- Back & Spine Specialist
- Personal Training



 Occupational And Industrial Therapy  Occupational · Industrial Therapist
 Occupational And Industrial Therapy

 Occupational And Industrial Therapy

- Functional Capacity Evaluations
- Return To Work Programs
- Industrial Consultant
- Job Task Analyses
- Chronic Pain Management



 Hand And Wrist Therapy  Hand And Wrist Specialist
 Hand And Wrist Therapy

 Hand And Wrist Therapy

 - Certified Hand Therapist
 - Advanced Splinting Techniques
 - Trauma, Burns, and Wound Care
 - Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Therapy
 - Reconstructive Surgery Rehabilitation



  Kahului Maui Clinic  Professional Clinic Facilities
 Kahului Maui Clinic

 Kahului Maui Clinic

- 2300 Sq Ft Private Clinic
- State Of The Art Equipment
- Computerized Evaluations
- Designated Rehabilitation Areas
- Fully Air Conditioned Clinic
- Clinics In Kahului & Lahaina


Meet The Staff At Therapeutic Associates of Maui:

Lee Poston, PT    -    John Mizoguchi, OTR    -    Donna Tamashiro, OTR


   Working Together For A Speedy Recovery

   At Therapeutic Associates of Maui, we really want to help you recover from whatever type of injury you may have in the quickest and safest time frame. With your effort and our support we can get you back to your full potential and enjoying your daily activities as soon as possible.
Please read our mission statement to learn more about the TAM philosophy >>>

 Injury Prevention and Workplace Awareness

   Studies show that an overwhelming amount of workplace injuries can be prevented through the education and use of proper physical mechanics. Ergonomics, sitting positions, posture, and simple lifting techniques are all important to maintaining an injury-free work environment. Office employees and construction workers alike can benefit from our specifically designed occupational programs.
Contact our industrial consultant or visit occupational therapy page for more info >>>


   Functional Capacity Evaluations

   Certified therapists provide accurate and unbiased evaluations of an individual's physical abilities for employers, workers, insurance companies, HMOs, and physicians.
   State of the art Blankenship Systems FCE accurately documents a patient's functional deficits, medical impairments, and pain levels.
   Results are validated with scientific data including graphs and indisputable synchronized time-framed video. Read more >>>

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